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Dr. Osama Mowafi


To anyone considering rent to own.

We own our dream home! Thanks to Dr. Mowafi we can officially say, we are the proud owners of our dream home. Dr. Mowafi has actively worked with us over the last few year to go from renting to owning our home. Life gets in the way and we had given up on buying a home until we responded to a rent to own sign. We have heard of many companies doing rent- to-own, but like many people we were skeptical. However, Dr. Mowafi was honest, upfront, and 100% active in the process of helping us transition from renters to homeowners. My husband and I cannot thank him and his team enough for the time and effort provided. We are now enjoying our lives as homeowners again with the tools for success. Thank you Dr. Mowafi

Gregory & Jennifer Norman

Rent-to-Own, Home Buyer


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for an outstanding working relationship from May 2016 to Jan 2020 when we came together to support an unconventional real estate deal. You have been an amazing leader to work with, and although I was skeptical of the real estate venture in the beginning, it has been one of the best deals we’ve had the pleasure to be part of. 

Your company assists individuals in building their credit through a process that gives them the opportunity to become a tenant home buyer, therefore eventually leading to homeownership. Through this business arrangement we sold our home to you, we maintained the mortgage with our bank, but all mortgage payments were the responsibility of your company. All payments were made timely. You maintained all maintenance for the home. 

We agreed to receive a modest partial payment at the beginning of the sale and the remaining monies due to us once the tenant buyer was in the position to purchase the home from you. 

Throughout this joint venture you have been dedicated to the process, trustworthy and loyal. The entire transaction from start to finish was smooth. We expect more growth for your company in the future, if you deliver the same quality of work with other clients. 

We wouldn’t hesitate to do repeat the transaction. It has been a pleasure.

Robert & Kathleen Starks of Fredericksburg, 

Home Seller

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