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Dr. Osama Mowafi

3 Actions You Can Take Right Now to Improve Your Credit Score 

While credit repair does take time, there are a few actions you can take right now to improve your score.

1. Check Your Credit Report

Credit repair begins with your credit report. If you choose to have a free credit consultation with us, that’s where we’ll begin.

If you haven’t already, request a copy of your credit report (it’s free and doesn’t affect your score) and check it for errors. Make sure there are no late payments listed incorrectly and that the amounts owed are correct. If you find errors, that’s the time to dispute them, and we can help with that.

2. Set Up Payment Reminders

Timely payments are the backbone of good credit. They are absolutely one of the biggest contributors to your score. So, either set your payments up on autopay, or set a reminder for yourself to pay them. This will begin increasing your score immediately.

3. Reduce Your Debt

This is the hardest one, but when you pay down your debt, not only does it create peace of mind for you, but it also increases your score. Make a list of all your accounts and what you own, then set up a payment plan for yourself, paying down the highest interest cards first while maintaining timely payments for the others.

Taking these three steps will go a long way to improving your credit score and your peace of mind. If you have any questions about how to go about disputing claims and repairing credit thoroughly, contact us today. We’re here to help.